Budget limited events app

Team Project for Entrepreneurship & New Product Development course in UCLA Summer Session C 2016.

Role: User Experience Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design 

Tools Used: Sketch, Principle

Budget Limited Events App





8-9/2016 ( updated in 08/2018 )
Team Project for Entrepreneurship & New Product Development course at UCLA Summer Session.

10-11/2016 ( 5 weeks, updated in 07/2018 )

10-11/2016 ( 5 weeks, updated in 07/2018 )

Role: UX Researcher, UI/UX Designer
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Principle

Individual Project 
Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Autodesk Maya, Keyshot

Individual Project 
Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Autodesk Maya, Keyshot


" I want to hang out tonight, but I only have 20 dollars. So, what can I do?"

In our college years, we often encounter a problem, that is" I want to hang out tonight, but I only have 20 dollars. So, what can I do?". It seems like a simple problem, but to make a proper decision, one might need to search for information from various websites, which takes a lot of energy and time.

Is it possible for our team to come up with a simple solution that specifically addresses the needs of our generation for limited budget activities?


Design Goal


Provides our generation the activities that meet their budget needs



Design Concept


Adapt the mechanism of the flappy bird into a real-life scenario with AR technology





Understanding the Millennials

After situational analysis, we target our users to Millennials, which is also our generation.

Millennials are the instantaneous generation. We have come to expect instant and personalized answers from the plethora of information available to us. Living in an advanced society means that both, physically and digitally, we are surrounded by information and possibilities. Also, millennials are likely trying new things since they are presented with such a diverse and teeming world. Without organization and direction, the wide range of activities can be overwhelming. 

 The typical profile of 18-29 years-old young customers :

  • Spend a lot of time for entertainment
  • Are often troubled by selecting entertainment, and cannot instantly decide
  • Want to spend money consciously
  • Are willing to try new things
  • Have a wide circle of friends, which can help promote the initial software and attract a large group of users

Understanding the Otakus

My first challenge comes here. Since I share some same interests with my target users, I am afraid that my preconceptions will make the whole investigation subjective. In order to solve this problem, I referred to various authoritative reports and developed the research plans.

Based on this information, the team starts to analysis market and customer segments. My job is to collect survey among peers and interview some of them, trying to conclude how our target behave and what their needs are.

Here is the summary of the survey and interview:



Marketing Research



Our marketing objective should be to find out who the influencers and opinion leaders are within the target market so that they can spread the app to their friends as a trustworthy source. Our current solution is to differentiate from alternative competitors markets such as Eventbrite, Yelp, and Time Out. Bellow, states our competitive strengths and weaknesses.


Product Concept

We plan to make an application that seeks to connect users with activities that fit their budget demands

In brief, this product is a mobile application for recommending local cultural and entertainment activities. It is an App based on budget and distance driving, which seeks to connect users with activities that fit their budget and time demands. Also, it provides customers with an extensive array of opportunities that are organized by price.

Based on our conclusive research and survey, we have determined that the most important features are the recommendations and ability to share with others. Besids, other features according to the Kano model are summarized in the table below.




Content Map

Rolin’ APP@2x


When the users first log on to Rollin’, they firstly prompt to a provided a budget, next how far they are willing to go, and then it provides recommendations.


Interfaces & Interactions


Rollin' is our brand of product. Rollin' comes from " roll in", which is a call for attending the event.




Flappy Bird ARAR Game, UX Design

BlueVideo Game, UX Design

Pleasing DiningFront-end Coding of Mobile App

Motion GraphicsMotion Design


The LampLighterExpressive Game

Computional FormCreative Coding


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